Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Butt Book by Artie Bennett it's been a LONG time since I blogged about a book!! What have my fans been doing since April?? I'm sure they've been waiting with anticipation for my next review! LOL

Before I go much further, let me just say how much I love reading children's books and then writing a blog about them! My goal is to get back on top of things so that I can do this more regularly!

Artie Bennett himself contacted me about reading and reviewing his book, The Butt Book. I was thrilled! A real-life author wanted ME to read and review HIS book? Are you kidding me?? I was so delighted to get the book into my hands and read it. He even inscribed it to me! How lucky am I??  So... I promised him that I'd read it and write a review, and I was hoping that I'd like it, because how weird would that have been?? Anyway, here are my thoughts on this book!

The Butt Book is absolutlely AWESOME!! It's a rhyming book and is so darn cute! I think every teacher should have this in their classroom library and I PROMISE you that kids would be signing a waiting list to read it! It's not gross or disgusting, it's very clever and tells about the importance of butts. I laughed thoughout the book and even read it aloud to my husband. He laughed aloud as well!

I think anyone with a sense of humor will LOVE this book. It's perfect for third-fifth graders and would make an awesome birthday or holiday gift. Definitely check it out!!

Hoppy reading!!
Mrs. Walker